Is my creative work considered "art"? What if I haven't considered myself to be an "artist" before?

The BIPOC Arts Network and Fund does not have a strict definition of the term "artist" and believes that the awardees will reflect multiple disciplines, media, processes, and ways of working. We encourage artists, creative individuals, community organizers who employ creative techniques, culture workers, culture bearers, and any self-defined artist who can demonstrate a history of creative process and/or product and meets the criteria to apply.

However the applicant defines their art, this award will look for evidence of it as a sustained an ongoing pursuit, and one that has been celebrated and recognized in their community. The review criteria identifies what else, in combination with a demonstrated commitment to creative work, will guide the community reviewers.

Applicants should make the case for their commitment to creative work. BANF will learn from award applicants how "art" is defined and recognized in our communities.

¿Hay una lista de categorias or de tipas de artistas?

From the January 10 Information Sesssion:

Entonces, in ingles:

Art types is not a criterion. All types are art recognized by this award.

Is this support only for BIPOC artists that have direct community engagement activities versus solely traditional studio practice?

BANF does not set studio practice in opposition to community engagement. Artists with traditional studio practice are welcome to apply. Their creative practice does need to demonstrate service to BIPOC communities. BANF will learn from applicants how their connect their art and service to community.

Do I have to be a "Social Practice" artist to apply?

No. See the more about this topic here.