What will the network experience look like practically. Can I attend these virtually?

The Peer Network experience responds to the needs stated by our communities as reflected in our Learnings.HoustonBANF.org. We are prioritizing the importance of in-person relational dynamics and exchange and creating spaces for generative provocation, so the monthly meetings will be in-person gatherings.  As much as possible, the network gatherings will attempt to accommodate different work schedules and travel times across the Greater Houston area in how we schedule the meetings. We recognize that all of our leaders are under-resourced and time is essential. We also are looking to support organizations and leaders who can prioritize the current opportunity. 

It is safe to assume that the in-person presence during business hours of your organization’s leadership team can be expected about once per month. Organizations that are unwilling or unable to make this commitment are not a good fit for the Cultural Treasures Accelerator.