An advocate can be collaborators, creative partners, mentors, community members, or anyone who can speak to your artistic and creative productions, your service to Houston’s communities of color, and/or your ability to be part of/contribute to a learning community.

Excerpts from the Advocate Statements Info Session Jan 28

1:22 Advocate Statements of Support - Who can be an advocate? 

2:51 Advocates speak to your art, service, and learning.

For this award, artist advocates do not need to be arts leaders as recognized by institutions. They do not need to be, for example, directors of arts organizations, or anything like that. They can be peers or even students, anyone who can testify to the impact of your creative work or community service. 

Age is not a factor. Young people that you've had an impact on can provide a statement of support.

5:35 Walter Hull - "Find an advocate who is your cheerleader. Someone excited by your work."