We encourage you to request statements from "advocates who can best speak to your contribution and service to Houston’s BIPOC Community."

Can I ask for advocate statements from out of state?

  • I have an advocate who l lives out of state. Is it possible to invite them to submit an Advocate Statement of Support?
  • I've been away at college and don't know many people in Houston professionally who can vouch for me my art. May I ask people I've worked with out of state?

Applicants may invite out-of-town or out-of-state advocates to speak on their behalf: advocates may be based anywhere. The application does not restrict Advocate Statements of Support to persons in the Houston area. 

Be sure to consider the strength of your potential advocate's statement of support in light of the award's Review Criteria, particularly in testifying to your work serving communities in the 9-county Houston area. If you ask for one Advocate Statement of Support from out of town, strike a balance by identifying a second advocate in the Houston area.

Are we able/encouraged to obtain more than 2 letters… for example, if our practice includes multiple facets such as performance, education, and more?

The application portal in Submittable is set up to accept statements of support from only two (2) individuals.  In the interest of equity among applicants and in the interest of the time and attention asked of our Community Reviewers, BANF sets a limit on the number of Advocate Statements of Support.

Is it okay to advocate for another artist even though we are also applying?

Excerpt from the Information Session Jan 26.


Our advocates should speak to our narrative, more than to the "credentials" of the bio, yes?

Excerpt from the Information Session Jan 26.

Advocates can do both. Advocate statements are an opportunity to show how your work shows up in the community. They can be testimony to your narrative as well as speaking to your credentials.