BIPOC Arts Network & Fund Community Partners Michelle Barnes (Community Artist Collective) and Walter Hull (Urban Souls) with BANF Project Director Sixto Wagan provide insights, tips, and ideas to support applicants through the Support Statement section of the 2023 Artist Awards. 

Topics included: Who should you ask? What should be in the Statement of Support? Why is it required?


0:00 Introduction 

1:22 Advocate Statements of Support - Who can be an advocate? 

2:34 Statement deadlines 

2:51 Advocates speak to your art, service, and learning 

3:28 Advice on writing a statement of support for this award 

5:52 Q&A begins 

6:23 What does “impact” look like? Data? Stories? Intent? 

8:04 Advocates for multiple applications 

9:14 Advocates who are based elsewhere, out-of-state 

9:32 Advocates using already-recorded or already written statements about past work 

10:51 Talking to your advocate: What can an applicant do to help their advocates? 

12:37 How is an advocate statement different from a more typical reference letter? "Connection to community" 

16:41 Submitting audio or video recordings or written letters. In Spanish or other languages. 

17:50 Two statements are required. No more than two can be submitted. Implications for choosing different advocates. 

18:47 Your record of contributions to community not limited to the Houston area. 

20:33 How to approach your advocate about this award. 

30:34 The Learning Community 

35:32 Asking for help from others on your application. 

38:36 Find help also at