Is it okay to advocate for another artist even though we are also applying?

Excerpt from the Information Session Jan 26.


Can a Community Reviewer submit an Advocate Statement of Support for an applicant?

Yes, but that Community Reviewer will not then be able to review that application during the review period.

While Community Reviewers may submit Advocate Statements of Support, BANF's Operational Partners and Community Consultants, as well as members of BANF's Steering Committee and Accountability & Advisory Council - who may have direct involvement in naming awardees - must decline requests for statements of support, as it may be perceived as a conflict of interest or as creating an uneven playing field.

These persons are identified here.

And the Operational Partners include:

  • Nuestra Palabra, Latino Writers Having their Say
  • Community Artists Collective
  • Latino Woman Artists of Houston (LAWAH)
  • The Ensemble Theatre
  • Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts (MECA)
  • Urban Souls

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