Applications undergo a multi-step community review process as follows:

Step 1: Eligibility Review – BIPOC Arts Network and Fund Administration

Applications are reviewed by BANF Administration team to verify eligibility and completeness.

In response to a question from the community about notifications: BANF will notify ineligible applicants about their status immediately, without waiting until the awards are announced at the end of the entire review process.

Step 2: Panel Reviews

All applications will be reviewed and scored in relationship with the criteria. A general panel will review all the applications to determine its list of finalists. The general review will be led by our community consultants, AAC, and Steering committee members. We will be bringing in a number of reviewers nominated through community process to also be readers.

Each of the two community-specific panels, led by our operational partners, will review applicants who self-identify as part of that community to determine their list of awardees.

Step 3: Finalist Review

A panel of reviewers will review the finalists' applications and determine a slate of awardees who will be named part of the learning community.

Step 4: Verifications, Approvals, and Acceptances

Upon confirmation and administrative verifications (including a valid Social Security Number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number), the Project Director will notify awardees for acceptance and disbursement calendar. After all agreements are executed, first payments are projected to be released by May-June 2023.

In response to a question from the community: BANF will work with the artist to arrange the award payments that meet the needs of the awardees, whether it is a single payment up front or in installments. BANF will work with the artist to process the necessary paperwork that will allow payments to be made.

Excerpt from the General Information Session -Jan 10