A more in-depth walk-through of the application, with background and guiding questions from BANF staff and Community Consultants Torrina Harris and Anthony Almendarez. Video includes responses to posted Q&A from live session. 

00:00 Welcome and Introductions 

02:41 Overview 

03:43 About BANF 

05:51 About this opportunity and Community Design 

09:37 Overview of Application 

11:25 Work Samples 

13:18 Narrative Questions 

16:10 Learning Community 

17:07 Statements of Support and Advocacy 

22:54 Artist Bios & CV 

25:46 Submittable Portal 

27:18 Review Process & Criteria 

31:47 Q&A

This information session was held live Tuesday, January 17, 6:30-7:30 PM.