The parameters of the learning community - the topics, agendas, outcomes, measurement of outcomes - will be co-created with the learning community. BANF is committed to learning with the cohort as the awardees are experts and recognized leaders.

The application questions will serve as launching points for the Learning Community in their time together.

  • We believe that artists and creative, cultural workers bring much talent and skill to all they do. Please name three skills or types of expertise that you’re willing to share your thinking about.
  • What are two questions that you’re interested in exploring with other Houston-based BIPOC artists?
  • What do you wish to contribute, or how do you currently contribute, to BIPOC arts leadership in Houston’s communities to make our communities more ideal to work and thrive in?

As arts leaders, the awardees' commitment to supporting their communities and learning from each other will serve as a significant investment in Greater Houston's BIPOC arts ecosystem.

At this time, we are asking Awardees to commit to nine 90-minute meetings and convenings. They are currently planned as every other month and will incorporate both in-person and virtual meetings. 

BANF's Listening and Learning approach defines a process, and is accepting of many potential outcomes. We cannot determine measures of success without the awardees engagement in that process. Over the course of the multi-year initiative, BANF will share learning about experiments, processes, evaluation, and connectivity that celebrate the resiliency, expertise, and potential of Houston's BIPOC communities.

In response to a question from the community: members of the learning community will be credited for their contributions to the learning that BANF would share that emerge from their work together.