In response to the concerns, hopes, and recognitions that emerged from the 2021 organizational grants, BANF has engaged community-specific design teams with particular focus on the two most populous communities of color in Houston: Latinx/Hispanic and Black/African American artistic communities. 

All applications will be reviewed by community readers and a selection of our Community Consultants. Those who self-identify as belonging to the Black and Latinx communities will be part of a parallel process conducted by our community-specific operational partners. The partners and the community-specific panelists will engage in dialogue about the interpretation and prioritization of the criteria to reflect nuance, cultural history, aesthetics, and representation according to their respective communities.

These panels:

  1. Are a selected group of Latinx and Black-identified and -serving Round One grantees and community partners who connect multiple communities of artists.
  2. Worked with BANF Director to define and refine parameters, guidelines, criteria and review processes for this award opportunity.
  3. Serve as a first-round community-specific review of applications to help determine a slate of finalists
  4. Identify community-specific histories, nuance, and aesthetics that speak to Greater Houston’s Latinx and Black communities.

Excerpt from the General Information Session - Jan 10

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