1. I see you have called for nominations for Community Reviewers. I suppose Community Reviewers shouldn’t plan to apply for this award?

That is correct. That is one of the stipulations we need to have with our reviewers. We recognize that we all have significant relationships and histories, but BANF is trying our best to keep the boundaries of self-interest out of this process. 

Please see the Conflict of Interest Statement for Community Reviewers.

From the January 10 Information Session:


2. Can a Community Reviewer submit an Advocate Statement of Support for an applicant?

Yes, but that Community Reviewer will not then be able to review that application during the review period.

While Community Reviewers may submit Advocate Statements of Support, BANF's Operational Partners and Community Consultants, as well as members of BANF's Steering Committee and Accountability & Advisory Council - who may have direct involvement in naming awardees - must decline requests for statements of support, as it may be perceived as a conflict of interest or as creating an uneven playing field.

See also: Potential Advocates with Conflicts of Interest

3. If you review this year can you apply in future years?

Yes. Community Reviewers are not restricted from applying for future BANF awards. The Round 2 of the BANF Artist Awards will create fresh panels of Community Reviewers.