BANF staff and Community Consultants Sebastien Boncy and Sophia Torres share insights and information about the 2023 Artist Awards application process, specifically the BIOS and CV section. This presentation covers what to convey in a Bios/CV/Resume, as well as reflections and examples on what "service" may look like. 

00:00 BANF's definition of eligible artists 

00:29 Bios/CV/Resumes as applicant story as creative 

02:18 Written Response required

03:57 What are we looking for? 

07:56 Narrative Bio as reflective of highlights of applicant's public practice 

10:10 Service and Support - overview and examples 

13:07 Helpful Tips 

20:17 Q&A

Some excerpts

8:22 – Sebastien Boncy: “We are looking for authentic representation. We are looking to build something where you feel that you can present yourself in the way that makes the most sense for your practice and yourself, your being. In other words, we’re not asking you to code switch.”

20:2121:55 Sophia Torres relates her experiences applying for funding from other granting organizations, how this award is so very different. Her experience includes “color blind” panel reviews that discourages the applicant saying anything about being a person of color. That’s not a complete picture of the artist though. BANF is looking for the complete picture.

23:20 – Sophia Torres describes different types of service to community, providing specific examples of what service can look like in four categories, and shows how the categories overlap.