If I don’t receive the award this round, should I bother to resubmit for the next round?

  • We encourage artists to apply for all opportunities they are eligible for that resonate with their creative practice and goal. Our hope is that the process of application creates opportunity to advocate for yourself and your work, and hone your ability to tell your story. 

  • We are mindful that applying means time and resources that could be used for other activities. Also, applying requires a level of vulnerability and a willingness to face potential rejection. We encourage folks to do their research on each opportunity to make sure that they are a fit. We also encourage applicants to think of the multiple successes that may be possible when engaging in a process. It is not only the final prize that is the success, but also the potential to get others exposed to your work where there may be future opportunities for advocacy and resources.

  • Specifically for the next round of BANF Artist Awards, we encourage you to apply. Other community readers will be involved in the process and might create other opportunities for success. We also invite those who apply into longer-term relationship with BANF so that we can share other opportunities (direct funding or other resource sharing) in the future. 

If I am not eligible to apply or do not receive the award, are there any other resources for me?

The BIPOC Arts Network and Fund is not currently equipped to provide a comprehensive list of opportunities. We can share these opportunities from our partners and collaborators. 

For local funding opportunities, please research Texas Commission on the Arts, The Idea Fund, and Houston Arts AllianceFor national and regional opportunities, National Endowment for the ArtsMid America Arts Alliance, and New York Foundation for the Arts.