• February 20, 9 a.m. - If are providing the artist a written statement to submit on your behalf, they need to have it by February 17 to uplodad it into their application.
  • February 27 - If an artist has sent you a request for an advocate statement using Submittable, you have until February 27 to submit it online.


If an artist asks for your advocacy, they may use your email address to send you a request for a Statement of Support. You will receive an email with a link to a website where you can upload your statement of support. Make sure to safelist so that emails are not flagged as junk.

Using Submittable, you will be able to provide a written statement, or submit an audio or video recording of your statement.

Please limit Statements of Support to 500 words or 3 minutes maximum.

Please let the artist know when you have submitted your Statement of Support.

See pages 17-18 in the Application Worksheet:


Advocate Statements Information Session Jan 28


See the Award Guidelines to learn more about the design and purpose of this award. See especially the Review Criteria that may guide you in your Statement of Support.

Production quality for your audio or video recording is not a measurement of its strength. You could record a video or voice memo on your phone.

Grammar and spelling for your written statement is not a measurement of its strength.

Please clearly indicate your relationship to the applicant, as in "To the application, I am....."

Please include your contact information - phone and email address - in case BANF needs to follow up with you.