An important early step in this award application is to identify and invite your advocates to support your application. 

Please communicate with your potential advocates to verify that they can complete the statements of support by these deadlines.

  • February 20, 9 a.m. if you are uploading your advocate's statement directly along with your application.
  • February 27 if you use Submittable's Reference Request function that sends an email to the advocate.

These individuals can be collaborators, creative partners, mentors, community members, or anyone who can speak to your artistic and creative productions, your service to Houston’s communities of color, and/or your ability to be part of/contribute to a learning community.

See the review criteria to understand just how vital a role your advocates' statements of support will play in your application.

Asking for support from an advocate, from the January 10 Information Session

How to approach your advocates about this award, from the January 28 Information Session

What can the applicant do to help the advocate, from the January 28 Information Session


"Statement of support," "Statement of advocacy," "Advocate support" and "Letter of reference" can be used interchangebly.

"Advocate" and "Reference" can be used interchangeably.